Optical Plummet and Laser Tribrachs

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Seco Optical Plummet Twist Focus Tribrach 2152-04

This tribrach features a twist-focus (2.5X mag.) and leveling screws with center line
Colors Available: Yellow, Grey, Green & Black
$195.95 $176.36

Seco Prism H.I. Adapter 2071-00

Allows adjustment of the prism height by moving the threaded brass insert in the adapter.
$92.95 $83.66

Seco Rotating Swiss-Style Tribrach Adapter, Removable Center 2070-00

Adapts retro prisms to Wild-type tribrachs. Has removable Zeiss plug for adapting prisms to Zeiss tribrach.
$61.95 $55.76

Seco Tribrach Adjuster with Level Vial 2002-00

For checking and adjusting optical plummet tribrachs and tribrach bubbles.
$108.95 $98.06