Data Collectors

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Seco HP iPAQ Carry Case 8143-10

Black carrying case for the HP iPAQ.
$50.95 $45.85

Spectra Ranger 3 Rechargable Battery 67501-01

Includes door. Original OEM.
$125.00 $112.50

Spectra Ranger 3 Stylus Pen Kit 67501-04

Kit includes 2 stylus & 1 tether.
$25.00 $22.50

Spectra Recon AA Battery PowerBoot Module 67101-05-SPN

The RECON AA Power Boot Module 67101-05-SPN fits all Recon data collectors and allows you to power the Recon using 2 AA alkaline batteries.
$100.00 $90.00

Spectra Recon International Charger 67101-02-SPN

International AC Charger for Spectra Recon
$50.00 $45.00

Seco Cradle for DAP9800, SDR33, Titan, Nautiz x7 5198-073

Controller/Collector Cradle: DAP9800/SDR33/Titan
$69.95 $62.96